RiSCAN PRO - NEW Licensing Scheme


In accordance with the new licensing system introduced with the last release of RiPROCESS, the new versions of RiSCAN PRO, RiSOLVE, and RiMINING are adopting to the same system.

The products can now be run via two independent licensing systems, or as a combination of both. This allows the customers to choose the system that offers the highest effectiveness, efficiency, and ease of use for them and their special applications.

You are processing data of more than one RIEGL LiDAR instrument concurrently on different workstations?

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Single Instance License System

The single instance license (SIL) is operated via the RIEGL license server and requires a dongle for verification. A SIL is suitable to process any data of any RIEGL laser scanner and all supported 3rd party data imports.

Any processing machine in the network with access to the license server can retrieve an instance of the license to process the data. For parallel processing on multiple machines an according number of SILs is required.




You are processing data of a specific instrument at different working locations or cloud environments?

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Serial Number License System

The instrument serial number license (SNL) does not require a dongle for verification. The serial number of a RIEGL laser scanner serves as the verification key.

Therefore, the SNL license enables the ability to process all data of a licensed scanner, without limitations in terms of parallel tasks and processing machines. Please note, that SNL is only applicable to data, where the serial number of the laser scanner is available in the native RIEGL point cloud data.




To get more information on the RIEGL Licensing Systems, please contact your local RIEGL distribution partner or sales{at}riegl{.}com.